Local Surf Forecasts

Silvercoast Apartments have teamed up with Magicseaweed.com to provide the following Surf Forecasts for some of the local spots close to our location.

Being avid surfers ourselves we feel blessed to be so close to this amazing coastline, it feels as if we can reach out the window and touch it.

Everyone from big wave legends right down to children new to the sport of surfing can find what they are looking for within a short distance of Silvercoast Apartments.

Our coastline is a Mecca for Pro Tour events and Record Breaking surf.  The world record for the biggest wave ever surfed was broken just up the coast in Nazare, which has become a regular hot spot of activity with big wave surfers from all over the world coming to take it on.  This wonder of nature is just one of the local attractions on our doorstep, and there are many more.

There is a fantastic selection of different waves in this area; The wide open tubes of Supertubos, right hand point breaks, the long lefts of Lagide and too many high quality beaches to list. Come and see for yourself and with a little time and effort maybe even find one of local secret spots.

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